Premium grade hamilton jets and mercury sport jet performance packages
Expert Jet boat repair and fabrication

Maverick Watersports is proud to bring you our "Skunkworks" Pump Shop to give boat owners and manufacturers performance and efficiency from the Hamilton based platform of jet drives. In development for over 4 years our 212/213 blueprint process has done just that. It consists of a set of porting, polishing, coating and machining specifications that have been tested on the toughest rivers in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, with amazing results. Whether you use your boat on skinny river or big lakes our blueprint package will give you maximum performance over the entire RPM range, while also saving fuel. The work done to your barrel/nozzle assembly is designed to greatly increase the flow capacity of your pump. With uncompromising quality and attention to detail our work speaks for itself.  With consistent results, our custom pump work is for boaters who want the most from their Hamilton jets. From the "Full House" pump package to our optional "All-in" impeller service we have got you covered. Each package is custom-taylored to your boat size and engine combination. Twin applications benefit by having their pumps matched in flow numbers so both pumps are producing the same output. Send us your new pump while your boat is being built and we will have it back to you by rigging, or your used pump and you will get it back better than new! We will soon be releasing our "Black Jack" pump which begins as a new in the box 212 that is completely disassembled and fully blueprinted to include work to the suction housing, main shaft and bearing, new grate as well as our famous barrel and impeller work. We are also currently working on a package for the Mercury "Sport Jet" with JohnBoat builder SJX.

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